Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Increased Search Engine Optimization Tips!

With increased search engine optimization you can start to rank your website higher in the search engines. Higher rankings will be beneficial for your organic web traffic.

In this article I will first talk about some on page SEO factors that you will want to pay attention to. Further into the article I will talk about how important getting quality links are for your ranking. I will also share how you can easily get high quality back links to your own websites.

If you don't do proper on page SEO the search engines will have a hard time figuring out where to index your website. So here are my tips on doing proper on page SEO!

1.Title tags, headlines, and content need to have your keywords in them!

If you do not put your keywords in your title tags, headlines, or content you will not get indexed or ranked for your desired keywords you want to rank for. This is one of the most important on page SEO factors! So get your keywords in there, but make sure its also readable for people too.

For example if your keyword is “cooking stress relief”, you could make a title like “How cooking works well for stress relief”. Do not put your keyword too many times threw out your content, it should look natural. I usually shoot for 1 keyword per 100 words.

2.Web address should include your keyword.

Your web address needs to include your keyword in it. It will help improve your chances of being ranked better in the search engines.

3.Limit your tags to only important and relevant keywords.

If you are blogging then you probably use tags. Make sure you limit your tags to only the important and relevant keywords. If you write too many tags or tags that aren't relevant you may confuse the search engine spider and this could actually hurt your rankings.

4.Create a site map and submit it to the major search engines.

Site maps help the search engine spiders(bot) to map out your site. When the spider comes back to your site map it will see any new content that you have added and index it. So having a site map is very important.

5.Pinging your site and any new posts or pages you create.

When you ping your site or any new posts/pages on your site, you are telling the search engines to come check it out. This will help get indexed and if you make any changes to your website or pages its good to ping again to let the search engines know you had made a change!

Now I would like to talk about the importance of increased search engine optimization in the form of back links.

When search engines see other sites linking back to your site it gives the search engine more trust to your website. The sites you get links from should be quality sites, no link farms or spamming links, that will just hurt your rankings.

What I do and you can do to is find blogs and forums to comment on to get some links. Getting high pr links are even better because the search engines already trust these sites and getting a one way link from these sites will give you a boost in rankings!

The fastest way to find do-follow high pr websites to get back links from is by using some software to help you find them quickly and easily. I use SEO SpyGlass and it has worked very nicely for me! I find high pr back links all the time for my websites using it and you can use it too because it is so simple!

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  1. Hi Matt, good solid article, thanks for sharing!

    I gotta say though that WordPress dot org based blogs have a number of on-page SEO advantages over any other platform simply because they have a number of your points already covered. WP.org have in-built SEO factors that keep it ahead of its rivals.

    Having said this however, I have noticed of recent that Blogger blogs are doing very nicely in the Goog SERPS - so it would seem that you get "points" for using the platform that you are using here. And because its free of course, well, can't be bad now, can it...

    Cheers Matt!


  2. You got a StumbleUpon too Matt for this article!

  3. Thank you Joseph, sorry I have not got those questions out to you yet. I promise, promise, promise to do it today!! :) ill start brain storming now!