Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quality in Internet Marketing is getting more and more importiant!

I for one love the fact that Google will be ranking quality sites better now! There is no need for spamming garbage to take up the top 10 spots! If you didn't know already Google changed there algorithm so that higher quality content will carry more weight when being ranked! Check out the video below!


  1. Hey Matt you got this site looking hot now! Very nice indeed!

    If I were you I would make the post a bit longer and "name drop" a bit too - "Matt Cutts from Google" or stuff along those lines. Its great for picking up really easy long tails just by enhancing and filling out your posts.

    Then just check out your Analytics every few days or so, and see what keyword terms you are getting hits for - then its a matter of 'slam dunking' them! And voila - you get your site seen by thousands with just a bit extra writing and a bit extra analysis on what is what!

    Cheers Matt!


  2. Thanks for the tips Joseph! I will definitely start to name drop and make longer posts for sure! I also will start adding some posts with more value, need to get my ass in gear!