Thursday, July 22, 2010

Link Assistant is having huge discounts on SEO PowerSuite!

There is a crazy discount right now for SEO PowerSuite. It is selling for $149 (normally $399) that is a savings of $250, a crazy good deal if you ask me. They e-mailed me because I am an affiliate for them and told me I can offer this deal threw my link. You can't get the deal straight from there site I already checked. Just one of these software alone usually runs at this price so getting them all for this great deal is nice! Get it while its hot!

So what are you getting if you own SEO PowerSuite?


You can track your rankings in the search engines and do keyword research with this software!

  • Checks your search engine rankings!
  • Shows if your site has moved up or down in search results!
  • Helps you find profitable keywords!
  • Supports 657 search engines!
  • Shows best keywords to optimize for!
  • and more!
WebSite Auditor

You can do website analysis and content optimization with this! 


  • Keyword density and prominence among top 10 competition!
  • Keyword density analysis for each HTML element of a webpage!
  • Keyword prominence in page elements!
  • Most popular keywords and key phrases used by your site and top 10 competing sites!
  • HTML elements that use keywords or keyphrases!
  • Highlighting of analyzed elements in your page's source code!
  • Analysis of keyword density for keywords and for keyphrases!
  • and more!
SEO Spyglass

I have already done a review on this product (see on top right of this web page under reviews). I simply love it! You can find places to get backlinks easily with this software!


  •  Number of backlinks your competitor has!
  • Google page rank of every backlink!
  • Alexa traffic rank!
  • The total number of PageRank 0 to PageRank 10 backlinks your competitor has!
  • Exact anchor text being used for backlinks!
  • Your competitor's anchor and title keyword density!
  • How many of your competitor's backlinks come from forums and blogs!
  •  How many of your competitor's backlinks come from homepages of other sites, rather than internal pages!
  • Whether or not your competitor has backlinks from DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory!
  • The exact link value of every backlink!
  • The exact age of every Website linking back to your competitor!
  • and more!


  • Find valuable link partners and dig for their contact info!
  • Generate your own link directory with categories and subcategories!
  • Design link directory to match your site's look-n-feel!
  • Instantly upload your directory to the website!
  • Quickly address all partners in personalized emails! 
  • Establish reciprocal, 1-way, 3- and 4- way links!
  • Manage incoming mail!
  • Make sure all your partners are linking back! 
  • Monitor your link popularity over time!
  • and more!
    Well that's about it for this post, I was very excited about the discount and had to share it with everyone!!!

    If you want to buy this at the discounted price then Click HERE!!!

    Matthew Gannon.


    1. Thanks for the information I will think about...Sounds interesting....
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    2. Yes, thanks for the info. I haven't heard of it. The digging for contact info is very interesting!